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Apr 18 10

MyOTRadio #MMS2010 MyOTSpecial 5: 0 is for Nobody does System Management Better!

by Reed Porter



My fifth special podcast leading up to Microsoft Management Summit 2010 April 19-23 in Las Vegas is my first pack cast!.

Don’t over pack and don’t forget anything is the never-ending travelers’ dilemma. Join me as I fail at both Be sure to stay until the end as I give you an extra-special present!

Do not forget to sign up for my Social Media for Codgers Tweetup and stay tuned for the next special: How to pack your laptop bag!

Apr 18 10

MyOTRadio MMS2010 MyOTSpecial 4: 2 is You can’t Get Too Much Info!

by Reed Porter



MyOTRadio Live this week was a bust. But I made you a special!

My fourth special podcast leading up to Microsoft Management Summit 2010 April 19-23 in Las Vegas is another drivecast.  I am driving west out of Jefferson City, MO through California, MO on April 16, 2010.

I talk about how much we are going to miss many of System Center’s Rock Stars due to the eruption of the volcano that cannot be spelled spewing ashes into the atmosphere and making it unsafe to fly manmade craft out of or into Western Europe. We miss you guys, I do hope you can get together and see some of the event.

This also means there may be some extra room for last minute fill-ins if you still want to come.  It also means there are some parties with some room for substitutions, so get your best game face on and be sure to watch The Replacements as a refresher.

I also list out some more trick and tips for getting the most out of MMS2010 and announce my Social Media for Codgers Tweetup. I realize it says codgers and suggests you be a Social Media Noob to benefit, but all are welcome!  Come meet some of the other folks.


Apr 17 10

MyOTRadio MMS2010 MyOTSpecial 3: S is for System Center

by Reed Porter

3-wise-monkeys A quick hit podcast from April 15, 2010 spotlighting some of the pre-MMS activities on Sunday along with a teaser about the extra interactivity available to attendees this year.

Apr 16 10

MMS2010: Social Networking for Codgers

by Reed Porter

What: MMS 2010Tweetup

Where: Flavors the Buffet, Harrahs Las Vegas

When: 7am 4/19/2010

Who: All welcome, but please RSVP so i can make reservations.

Why: I need to eat!

Cost: $16

(Further details below)


  • Are you new to this whole Internet thingy?
  • Don’t know a Twitter from fritter?
  • Quit doing Hashtags 20 years ago?
  • Did the last thing ‘social’ you got result a trip to the medic and a painful penicillin shot?
  • Still think a Facebook is probably what we used to call a Yearbook?
  • Wondering how it is that the President of the USA is younger than you?
  • In Las Vegas for MMS2010?
  • Up at 6 am 4/19/2010 and just figured out there is no free breakfast?

If so, you are in luck! Meet me at the Flavors Buffet for one of Las Vegas’ better Breakfast Buffets Monday April 19th @ 7am and I’ll answer your questions about Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in, blogs, and that Internet thingy.  If you have any.

All ages welcome and please RSVP via comment here, Twitter @reedracer, email Reedracer [at], telephone (707) 7 3 3-3 4 7 6, telegraph.  Sorry no smoke signal RSVP’s will be accepted for this event.

Breakfast runs $16 but I will be looking into senior discounts and coupons.


Apr 14 10

MyOTRadio MMS2010 MyOTSpecial 2: M is for Mingle

by Reed Porter

Here is the second of 7 MyOTSpecials leading up to the 2010 Microsoft Management Summit April 19-23 at the Venetian in Las Vegas. I’m a little winded as I walk up the hill towards the Missouri State Capital Building. I talked about the possibility of grabbing our swarm badge on and other relevant news about #MMS2010

Miss Atom BombThere are a ton of incredibly cool things in store for us out in the atomic city, so be prepared to be blown away! Hopefully only figuratively blown away as those nukes ain’t too fun.

Forgot to mention it on the podcast, but the 2nd ‘M’ is for Mingle.  Get out there and meet people, make friends, renew old friendships, and connect to companies!

Apr 13 10

MyOTRadio MMS2010 Special 1: M is for Microsoft

by Reed Porter

With just 7 days to go until Microsoft Management Well, isnSummit 2010 at The Venetian in Las Vegas, NV I decided to do a MyOTRadio special podcast each day. This first one was recorded Monday, April, 12, 2010.  Today is brought to you by the letter ‘M’ which stands for Microsoft. Microsoft makes System Center which has kept me and my family fed since the 1990’s.

In this drivecast I discuss ways to maximize your time on the first day of MMS2010, why I am not yet won over by Hyundai cars, my transmission, and the System Center Influencer program. Just click play on the embedded video below.


Everyone is getting excited about the upcoming conference, and it promises to be extra special this year with it being sold out, information disseminated, and the expo hall sold out too!

The Podcast went 15 minutes or so and I had to split it in twain to fit’s 10 minute maximum. Part I

And here is part II.

With that, I’ll see you tomorrow…..

Apr 7 10

Birds of a Feather – System Center in Health Care

by Reed Porter

Just a quick note to let everyone know the Birds of a Feather session proposed by Michael Mott and Submitted by me has been approved! Here are the details if you want to sign-up.

OJ01 System Center in Health Care

Wednesday 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM, Marco Polo 701 

Speaker(s): Reed Racer

Track(s): Client Management Technologies, Operations Management, Systems Management

Session Type: Birds-of-a-Feather

Products(s): Community, Configuration Manager 2007, Data Protection Manager, Essentials, Operations Manager 2007, Service Manager, Virtual Machine Manager

Let’s get together and talk about common issues and different approaches to solutions using System Center products in a Health Care setting.

That’s Mister Racer to you! 🙂 Natural mistake, and I really do not mind.  Grabbed a picture for posterity in  case they correct it.

Hope to see you there!


Apr 1 10

Episode 8 Do not be late!

by Reed Porter

Episode 8 of MyOTRadio goes live tonight at 6pm CST over on my channel on  Open Late

Hopefully it will be an enjoyable multimedia extravaganza! Even if it isn’t, I plan to ‘go on with the show; and ‘fight the good fight’ and ‘fight to the finish.’  If I am lucky, Mr. Rod Trent of will stop by and tell us all about Viewfinity, MyITForum, and the #MMS2010 party he is hosting.  Don’t worry, I’ll ask him the tough questions of him so you don’t have to!  I’ll get to the bottom of this no newsletter controversy and find out why I have not seen him at the same parties as Rachel Maddow.

So for tonight:

  1. Intro song
  2. Unveiling of the new logo
  3. Weekly Golden Breadstick Award Winner (I should probably make a blog badge for former winners to proudly display)
  4. Pleas:
    1. The Las Vegas Reedracer Twitter discount
    2. $500 for Airfare and room
    3. Other ongoing sponsors
  5. MMS
    1. Challenge
    2. MyOTRadio Live
    3. Parties
  6. Brian Leary’s Mom, Betty needs prayers as she is having open heart surgery today.
  7. Question of the Week
  8. Goodnight Forest Moon
  9. Outro Song.

Plus more inanities by yours truly. Please stop by and set a spell.

Live Broadcast and Replays can be foung at this address:

Not sure about Itunes, yet.

Mar 28 10

Episode 7 – The Lost Episode

by Reed Porter

Episode 7 which was broadcast on March 25, 2010 was my first experience with

2976094214_e884b09444 and it did not go well.  I could not get the song I wanted to start with to play and I had many other issues as well.  I’ve done mucho research since then  and I believe I can get some sort of show to go this week.  It will broadcast on April 1st, 2010 at 6PM CST. I promise nor April Fool’s pranks, so I hope you can make it 🙂


Mar 25 10

Microsoft Management Summit Meet MyOTRadio

by Reed Porter

The 3rd week of April I am heading to Las Vegas to attend the Microsoft Management Summit 2010. I’ve been in the Microsoft Management space since the mid 90’s and a part of the community since 2000. I owe quite a bit to Microsoft Management products and the communities that have grown up around them.

Thanks to the kindness of Rod Trent and MyITForum I have a gate pass to the Summit this year.  I can’t wait! It will be the first time since 2005.  System Center Configuration Manager was still Systems Management Server and the 2003 version had been out for just over a year. The exhibit hall had many vendors, but not near as many as there will be this year. Of the ones there in 2005 several have been absorbed into larger companies, others have folded, while some have become very powerful in their own right.

The things that have remained constant all these years has been the dedication of the System Center people at Microsoft to create the best product possible and the wonderful community with MyITForum as the cornerstone.

I want to give back. I will be coming around with my cub reporter kit and offering to do interviews.  You could be an Admin, a Microsoft engineer, a Vendor, or a retired CEO; if you have something to say, I’ll either record it and broadcast it through my little radio show.

If this appeals to you, let me know and  we can set up a time.  I plan to spend Wednesday afternoon around the MyITForum booth, plus I am available any other time that week.  Below is my Google calendar for MMS. Check it out.

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