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Episode 8 Do not be late!

by Reed Porter on April 1st, 2010

Episode 8 of MyOTRadio goes live tonight at 6pm CST over on my channel on  Open Late

Hopefully it will be an enjoyable multimedia extravaganza! Even if it isn’t, I plan to ‘go on with the show; and ‘fight the good fight’ and ‘fight to the finish.’  If I am lucky, Mr. Rod Trent of will stop by and tell us all about Viewfinity, MyITForum, and the #MMS2010 party he is hosting.  Don’t worry, I’ll ask him the tough questions of him so you don’t have to!  I’ll get to the bottom of this no newsletter controversy and find out why I have not seen him at the same parties as Rachel Maddow.

So for tonight:

  1. Intro song
  2. Unveiling of the new logo
  3. Weekly Golden Breadstick Award Winner (I should probably make a blog badge for former winners to proudly display)
  4. Pleas:
    1. The Las Vegas Reedracer Twitter discount
    2. $500 for Airfare and room
    3. Other ongoing sponsors
  5. MMS
    1. Challenge
    2. MyOTRadio Live
    3. Parties
  6. Brian Leary’s Mom, Betty needs prayers as she is having open heart surgery today.
  7. Question of the Week
  8. Goodnight Forest Moon
  9. Outro Song.

Plus more inanities by yours truly. Please stop by and set a spell.

Live Broadcast and Replays can be foung at this address:

Not sure about Itunes, yet.

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