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MMS2010: Social Networking for Codgers

by Reed Porter on April 16th, 2010

What: MMS 2010Tweetup

Where: Flavors the Buffet, Harrahs Las Vegas

When: 7am 4/19/2010

Who: All welcome, but please RSVP so i can make reservations.

Why: I need to eat!

Cost: $16

(Further details below)


  • Are you new to this whole Internet thingy?
  • Don’t know a Twitter from fritter?
  • Quit doing Hashtags 20 years ago?
  • Did the last thing ‘social’ you got result a trip to the medic and a painful penicillin shot?
  • Still think a Facebook is probably what we used to call a Yearbook?
  • Wondering how it is that the President of the USA is younger than you?
  • In Las Vegas for MMS2010?
  • Up at 6 am 4/19/2010 and just figured out there is no free breakfast?

If so, you are in luck! Meet me at the Flavors Buffet for one of Las Vegas’ better Breakfast Buffets Monday April 19th @ 7am and I’ll answer your questions about Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in, blogs, and that Internet thingy.  If you have any.

All ages welcome and please RSVP via comment here, Twitter @reedracer, email Reedracer [at], telephone (707) 7 3 3-3 4 7 6, telegraph.  Sorry no smoke signal RSVP’s will be accepted for this event.

Breakfast runs $16 but I will be looking into senior discounts and coupons.


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