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MMS2010 MyITForum Party: The Pablo Palooza Band!

by Reed Porter on May 5th, 2010


The Pablo Palooza band started playing at about 8pm at the party. And they did rock! The band members are:

    Magic Dave Roberts-Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
    George Knight-Bass, Vocals
    Mark Hobbs-Guitar, Vocals
    Mike Velvet Davis-Vocals, Percussion, Chick magnet
    Paul Gonzalez-Drums, Vocals

They are not just another band out of Boston. Paul Gonzalez is a long time member of the MyITForum community and we are unsure whether he was on or off vacation while in Las Vegas. But either way, we sure are glad he was there.

The opening set was a strong mix and got the crowd jumping:

In this video, I tried to catch people in the audience. Were you there?

And the third video shows the band from the wings.

I know, you just can’t get enough of these guys! Be sure to go watch the videos in HD on YouTube and sign up for the PabloPalooza fan page on Facebook!


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