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Episode 6 is Sick Sick Sick

by Reed Porter on March 23rd, 2010


Originally uploaded by cutglassdecanter

Back on March 11th I recorded Episode 6 of MyOTRadio. It had the most live listeners to date at 8!

Golden Breadstick went to John Massa and all the press that doted on his failings plus all his friends who scuttled away from him like crabs.  The political process in this nation needs to get back on track before everyone becomes alienated pushing the extremes even further out.

Opening/closing music ‘Twa Corbies’ by Carl Edlund Anderson of Bogota, Columbia. That song just makes me want to go slice the head off some immortal.


  • #MMS2010 Fitness Challenge: I am holding steady, but not losing.
  • Puh-puh-puh-please! Some great company pick up my airfare/room.  We’re talking $500.
  • Went to Cheeseburger in Paradise for a Tweetup and got to bring home Flocking Molly for a picture contest. I’m posting the pictures on Facebook
  • NCAA Tournament! I think I spaced talking about it.
  • Happy Birthday Mike Schorr!
  • Michael Mott (The Don) respectfully requests you support his entry in the Susan G. Komen 3-day Walk for the Cure
  • Question of the Week: ??? What’s your extreme poopy story?
    • I apologize for the poor reading of this story.  Someone in the chat room id not realize I was going to read the story I had posted earlier.  I let it fluster me and so I missed several queues I had inserted for elaboration. I will stay out of the chat room while on the air from now on.

Plus the usual drivel about nerd TV, weather, sports, tech, etc.
Super thanks to Rod Trent and the rest of the fine folks at MyITForum for sponsoring this show and my #MMS2010 conference pass!

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